These are "Research Booklets" which may be used standalone or with various types of intelligent agents and must be used for research purposes only and with caution. 

(No Liabilities or Warranties)

Management Applications

Overdrive International

This booklet can help study and improve business logic processes for large scale development.


Intelligence Applications

Hyper Sector

This is a booklet written to help design and improve intelligent agents.


Compute Black (Testing Purposes Only)

This research booklet can help improve a machine's compute power using AI but it must be used with caution (This may potentially void your device's warranty).


I Love Life

A small booklet with motivational quotes to raise self-esteem in tough situations. It uses advanced psychological methods to provide quotes in a careful sequential manner for such purpose. The patterns in this booklet can also be used for training intelligent agents to write more of such booklets. 


Intelligence Research

Neuro Overdrive

Neuro Overdrive is a booklet written to help study intelligence processes using intelligent agents and to improve intelligent agent's performance.


High Octane

A booklet about an optimized intelligent system to be used with AI for research using the following or related prompts to help conduct research in a systematic manner.